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Business partnership with Future of Medicine and Innovation fully owned subsidiary of the Israeli Medical Association

Company name change to Sanamedi, Inc. on April 1

JOMDD announces an AVNeo™ Sizer System website for patients

The “3D back scanner®” was certified as Japan Society of School Health’s recommended item

Luxonus, a company invested in by JOMDD, raises$3.9M USD in Series B funding

Business partnership with MANDALA INTERNATIONAL

3rd MEDTEC INNOVATION Symposium&Pitch(Event Date: 2020.11.13 Fri)

The 3rd MEDTEC INNOVATION Pitch: Open call for presenters in the field of advanced medical technology

JOMDD Announces Distribution Agreement to 40 countries

JOMDD and Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. started selling “3D back scanner™” for scoliosis screening in Japan.

Abdul Latif Jameel and JOMDD announce incubator partnership to bring innovative Japanese medical device technology to developing markets

Collaboration to develop AI-assisted automatic sperm sorting device

Start of Invitation of Presenters to 2nd MEDTEC INNOVATION Pitch by Universities/Businesses/Hospitals

JOMDD, Inc. Announces Capital Increase through Third-party Allocation

Business partnership with Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd.

Business partnership with Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.

JOMDD portfolio has successfully exited

JOMDD announces its investment in Luxonus - Ultra-high resolution 3D imaging of blood vessels and lymph vessels -

JOMDD announces the creation of a new LinkedIn page!

JOMDD starts consulting to Sompo Health Support Inc.

WEBINAR: Understanding the Medical Devices Market in Japan(15 Jan 2019)

Partnership with Yamagata Prefecture

Former CEO and Chairman at CALBEE, Inc. Akira Matsumoto appointed Executive Advisor to JOMDD

Exhibit Notice: We will be exhibiting at MEDICA in Düsseldorf, Germany, the leading international trade fair for the medical sector, held November 12-15, 2018

Notice of Acquisition of Business License for a " First-Class marketing license for medical devices"

Held a pitch event with Healthtech's Israeli NPO

Start of Invitation of Presenters to MEDTEC INNOVATION Pitch by Universities/Businesses/Hospitals

Notice of start of overseas expansion support business

Takahiro Uchida, M.D, Ph.D Expert Panelist at WSGR Medical Device Conference in June 2018

Partnership with Kanagawa Prefecture

JOMDD welcomes two new global medical device experts to its advisory board

Announcement of business alliance with Toyo University for medical device development and commercialization

Announcement of business alliance with St. Marianna University School of Medicine for medical device development and commercialization

Joint development agreement for Japan’s first abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft

JOMDD Announces Distribution Agreement with Terumo Cardiovascular Group

JOMDD participates at the 4th Annual Medical Device Innovation Forum

JOMDD presents at the Medical Electronics and Device in Taiwan (MEDiT) Forum 2017

JOMDD, Inc. Announces Capital Increase of USD$5.4M USD through third-party allocation

TAIPEI, Taiwan - JOMDD presents at the TRANS Conference 2017.

JOMDD Announces US Office Relocation

Partnership with Kobe City

Partnership with Hiroshima Prefecture

JOMDD, Inc. Completes Approximately US$10M Round B financing from Real Tech Fund

Announce a New Location

Business partnership with US medical device incubator Triple Ring Technologies

Announcement of our new consulting service for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs and new members joining our team.

Press release on the licensing deal for the domestic business of our first incubated medical device program, “A sizer set “OZAKI VRec S™ “.

JOMDD secured approximately $3M USD in Series A funding led by Japanese healthcare companies.

JOMDD started selling a sizer set in the United States and in Japan.

Road to Commercialization : OZAKI VRecS™ ~Aortic Valve Reconstruction “AVRec”~